WHAT'S YA ZODIAC SIGN? my Fat Man Scoop voice. "I can't hear y'all!" Is it Pisces? "I can't hear y'all! Is it Virgo? "I can't hear y'all! Is is Taurus?" "I can't hear y'all! 
Our "Zodiac" collection of wicked candles, celebrates every zodiac sign with one of our favorite birthday cake fragrances.  Made in North Brunswick, NJ, our wax is of a soy-paraffin blend, which we chose on purpose, to provide you with an amazing birthday fragrance.  We use only lead-free cotton wicks with premium fragrance and essential oils. 
Black Mama Fragrance candles are single-wicked and come in a white matte-finished tin.  Don't worry, our candles are phthalate and petroleum-free!

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