Black Mama Fragrances


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"OH, THAT'S YA LIL' FRIEND?" He was my boyfriend. His name was Shawn. He would carry my books and we would hold hands as we walked home from school.  I was Shawn's girl.  I was the only girl that mattered to him.  But my "backside" was the only thing that mattered to Mama, if I was ever caught sneaking around.  So as we began to get "serious," as 8th graders did, it was time to introduce Shawn to Mama.  See, the 8th grade dinner dance was coming up and I wanted to go with Shawn.  So one day, I arranged for the two to meet after school.  On this particular day, Shawn walked me to my door and there Mama was standing.  "Mama, this is Shawn." "Shawn, this is my Mama!"  After the introductions, Mama just looked at me and said, "OH, THAT'S YA LIL' FRIEND?" Then she sashayed back to her bedroom and I was left standing there feeling awkward.  

"OH, THAT'S YA LIL' FRIEND?" leads with top notes of green, leafy, winey, middle notes of rose, guaiac wood, balsam and bottom notes of cedar, amber, vanilla, musk. 

Smells Like: Sandalwood Rose

Tin Burn Time: 25 - 30 Hours